Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd,
we do not even
that we are
in the
of the mind


we begin
to hear
your voice.

There is a
pasture to live out of.

Your voice
full of Love
invites us
into this

For those who ache
with longing,
you become
the Gate,
the Way
out of
our minds
and into
your heart.

Your Love
is the Gate.
Your Love
is the Way.

6 May 2017

Monday, 1 May 2017

The Divine Dance

Valerie and I recently attended a Father Richard Rohr conference on the Trinity in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Father Richard is a Roman Catholic, modern day mystic and popular spiritual teacher whose influence reaches across denominations and faith traditions. Over the years that I have been reading his books, he has helped articulate spiritual experiences for me that I have intuitively known to be true, but haven’t yet put words to. His latest book “The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your Transformation,” is very readable and is what the conference we attended was built around. Another speaker at the conference, who is also a mystic and modern teacher of the Christian Wisdom tradition, was the The Rev’d Cynthia Bourgeault. Cynthia is an Episcopal priest, spiritual teacher and author. Two of her latest books that have been resonating with me are: “The Heart of Centering Prayer: Nondual Christianity in Theory and Practice; and “The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity.” What Richard can put in more popular language, Cynthia can put in current theological and scientific research language. Cynthia is simply a brilliant theologian and teacher of Christian meditation.

Being a fan of both Rohr and Bourgeault, my being drawn to the conference was to meet both of these inspirational teachers of the Christian contemplative tradition. There was a third conference speaker of which I had no real interest in. Paul Young is the author of the popular novel “The Shack.” The book was used in our parish reading group at one point, but I never did read it. Because he was going to be one of the speakers at the conference, and the movie “The Shack” was released, I thought I should at least see the movie, as it might tell me more about him and why he was invited to speak at this conference on the Trinity. 

Acknowledging yet another ego wound in having pre-judged Paul Young as a conference speaker, I am so thankful that I did watch the movie and that he was a presenter. Young calls himself a “recovering evangelical.” He comes from a Christian mission background that was fundamentalistic. He grew up with an abusive missionary father, and a god that was judging and punitive. The Shack is a story that reflects the healing of his past, and his coming to know the healing flow of the life of the Trinity.

Rohr spoke about popular and understandable Trinitarian theology. Bourgeault spoke more to the intellect in current theological and scientific research and conversations about the Trinity. Young spoke to the emotions and the healing truth of entering more deeply into the flow of the life of the Trinity. Each of the speakers brought different and diverse perspectives to the same Trinitarian truth that is in the DNA of the cosmos, and is also our deepest identity, made in the loving, relational image of God. Jesus calls us to follow him into this eternal truth. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Easter Mary

You are
and you are
not here.

You are
with me
and you are
not with me.

Your loving face
has opened to me
your loving face
in every face.

I can no longer
your form
yet I
your presence.

Love's companioning Presence
not with me,

as me
as you.

19 April 2017

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Newfoundland Spring Bird

Welcomed singer,
to snow tired souls.

Ushering out
inviting in
your song
brings with it
a new day
full of promise
for a new creation.

Unseen forces
have carried you
across the dark
and uncertain ocean,

landing you
on this oft forsaken

like Noah's dove,
Spirit's gift
of hope.

12 April 2017

The Inner Shack

Inherited pain
in every human

passed on,
fathers to sons,
mothers to daughters.

to joy
by an unhealed past,
by an unhealed present,

to the interior
Papa invites us

to face
our demons,
the roots
of our pain.

On this path
of descent,
only freely
we are
never alone
nor outside
the flow

of Papa's
encouraging Love,
of Jesus'
human Wisdom,
of Spirit's
renewing Guidance,
of our
dance with Life.

to trust,
to letting go,
to Unknowing,

we are
with our past,
to our present,
washed clean
of our hurt,
all that God forgives,

a new creation
of love
out of the Shack,
of the Trinity,
into the world.

25 March 2017

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Alzheimers and Spirituality

I was recently visiting in the Alzheimers ward in one of our long term care facilities. It can be painful to be with those whom you know and love, who can no longer use their minds reasonably. My wife’s mother suffered with debilitating Alzheimers for 10 years before passing away. My own mother, still living, suffers with short term memory loss. This is sad yet real as all the organs of our body deteriorate with age and a plethora of other causes.

So many of us in our western society limit the identity of our human lives by our capacity to “think.” That is to say, we limit the experience of our lives to self consciousness alone. What happens when my brain becomes ill? What happens when my self consciousness loses its capacity to reason and understand? Am I somehow less human? Less worthy of love? In other words, is our human capacity to connect, to be in communion with, to love limited to the “thinking” mind alone?

Spiritual practice is about learning how to navigate all the various levels of the mind, and to connect with and live out of our deeper Self, our deeper Unitive Mind, which is much more than our dualistic self consciousness. We are more than what we can think! Thanks be to God.

So when I am on the Alzheimer ward, or with my mother who can’t remember what she just said, our capacity to be in loving communion is not limited to her deteriorating brain. There is something much deeper going on between us (in fact, there is something much deeper going on between you, me and all of creation).

In order to discover this deeper Unitive Mind, deeper loving communion, we have to learn the “work of silence.” Maggie Ross, in her book “Silence: A User’s Guide,” says that “Humans have lost their relationship with the original silence from which, and within which, we evolved; silence that is essential to language, insight, poetry, and music. This loss of communion has gradually eroded our humanity, for what makes us human is not language, tool use, artifice, or self consciousness - current research is showing us that many animals have these gifts as well - but rather the ability of the human mind to come full circle and forget itself in silence.” Silence is the deep and universal love language of God resonating in every soul, and indeed in all of creation. Spiritual practice is about learning to die to our surface and passing selves, and to open up to the flow of our deep silent Love. Spiritual practice is about learning to see this silent Love in the face of every other - regardless of their minds working right or not. We are more than our thinking minds. So, we need to learn to die before we die in order to live. As Lent approaches, it is another invitation to enter into the wilderness, enter into the Silence, with Jesus who shows us how to die to self and rise to newness of Life and Love.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tender Mother

Holy Mother,
tender you are
as you cradle
your son,

our Way.

As you kiss
his lips,
his breath,

you remain
of God,
of love.

As you have
and given birth
to love,

you invite us into

the intimacy
of Love's embrace,
the joy
of Love's kiss,
the fullness
of Love's breath,

to conceive
of Christ
who is Love.

20 December 2016